AI Creative Summit plus Bootcamps
AI Creative Summit plus Bootcamps
AI Design VFX & Motion AI Sound Mastering & Video Editing AI Broadcast TV & Radio

Bootcamps to Summit:
4 Days of Visual AI Training
Bootcamps to Summit:
4 Days of Visual AI Training

August 19 - 22 | Live & Online

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Welcome to the AI Creative Summit + Bootcamps 2024, a comprehensive event featuring separate tickets for multiple AI Bootcamps and the Summit Day, all designed to elevate your creative potential through the power of artificial intelligence.

AI Bootcamps

Road to the Summit

7 Workshops – 7 Certifications – 3 Days

Forge Your Future with AI Mastery

Join us for three days of exhilarating Academic Bootcamps!

Immerse yourself in the cutting-edge world of AI creative subjects with our seven dynamic workshops designed to ignite your passion and enhance your skills.

But wait, there’s more!

Each attendee will receive a complimentary certification exam, absolutely free.

Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your knowledge and gain valuable credentials.

AI Summit


6 Sessions – 1 Keynote – 1 Panel – 1 Day

Don’t Miss Out

Join us on Thursday, August 22, for the AI Creative Summit Conference Day, one day dedicated to exploring AI in the creative industries.

Learn from the Best

Enjoy a full day of immersive content, including a morning kick-off, 50-minute sessions, and a keynote address, all live and online. Conference Day ticket holders get exclusive access to the full day’s programming, leading the way in AI-driven innovation in video, photography, and sound design.

Program Grid

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9:00am-12:00pm _3hrs

Eran Stern

AI Design

Aimed at enhancing the skills of photographers and designers, this course focuses on leveraging AI to transform photography and design. Participants will explore tools like Adobe Photoshop, DALL·E, and others, learning how AI can improve efficiency and creativity. The course focuses on integrating AI seamlessly into creative projects, enhancing image quality, and unlocking new dimensions of creativity. It is perfect for those looking to quickly integrate AI into their work, offering insights into both broad applications and specific tool functionalities.

12:00-3:00pm _3hrs

Luisa Winters

AI Broadcast Radio

With a focus on radio industry professionals, this course is meticulously designed to empower sound engineers, audio editors, radio producers, and audio enthusiasts with knowledge about the revolutionary effects of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in sound mastering. Attendees will receive in-depth insights into AI-driven tools, including Adobe Audition’s AI features, Izotope RX, Ozone, LANDR, and more, highlighting how these technologies can significantly enhance audio quality, optimize workflows, and open up exciting career prospects in the field of radio sound production.


9:00am-12:00pm _3hrs

Luisa Winters

AI Sound Mastering

Designed for professionals and enthusiasts in sound engineering and production, this course provides insights into the impact of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning on sound processing. It covers practical use of tools such as Adobe Audition’s AI capabilities and Izotope RX, highlighting AI’s role in enhancing audio work, simplifying processes, and creating new opportunities in the field.

12:00-3:00pm _3hrs

Seth Polansky

3:00-6:00pm _3hrs

Luisa Winters

AI Video Editing

This course takes participants on a journey through AI-enhanced VFX and motion graphics, using tools like Firefly and Runway to demonstrate AI’s capabilities in tasks like rotoscoping, face swapping, and animation. It aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of how AI can streamline post-production while emphasizing the irreplaceable value of human creativity in the world of visual effects.


9:00am-12:00pm _3hrs

Eran Stern

AI VFX & Motion

This course takes participants on a journey through AI-enhanced VFX and motion graphics, using tools like Firefly and Runway to demonstrate AI’s capabilities in tasks like rotoscoping, face swapping, and animation. It aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of how AI can streamline post-production while emphasizing the irreplaceable value of human creativity in the world of visual effects.

12:00-3:00pm _3hrs

Luisa Winters

AI Broadcast TV

Geared towards broadcast industry professionals, this course provides a comprehensive look into the world of AI and Machine Learning (ML) applications in video editing, with a specific focus on news, documentaries, and Video on Demand (VOD). Attendees will explore and experiment with state-of-the-art tools like Descript, Runway, Premiere Pro, Firefly, and others. The session is meticulously crafted to blend technical expertise with practical creativity, demonstrating how AI and ML are reshaping the landscape of video editing and opening up new avenues in the broadcasting industry.


8:30-8:55am _25mins

Coffee Kickoff

Gary Adcock

9:00-9:50am _50mins

Enhance VFX and Color Grading using AI and Machine Learning

Eran Stern

10:00-10:50am _50mins

Contracting Recommendations When Using AI

Seth Polansky

11:00-11:50am _50mins


12:00-1:30pm _90mins

Keynote presented by Dell and NVIDIA

Esteban Toro

2:00-2:50pm _50mins

Leveraging AI for Your Business

Gary Adcock

3:00-3:50pm _50mins


Jeff Greenberg

4:00-5:00pm _60mins

Wrap Panel
Moderated by Gary
with Eran, Seth, Jeff

Ticketing options

Purchase individual Bootcamps or the Summit pass for $299 each.

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Esteban Toro

Discover the multifaceted world of Esteban Toro, where artistry, innovation, and storytelling converge to create captivating visual experiences. As a seasoned traveler, photographer, and filmmaker, Esteban’s journey embodies a relentless pursuit of creativity and excellence.

Currently serving as a Senior Professional Video Evangelist at Adobe, Esteban harnesses the power of technology to empower filmmakers worldwide. As a Sony Ambassador and BenQ Global Ambassador, he stands as a beacon of excellence in the field, capturing the essence of our world through his lens.

Beyond his roles in the tech industry, Esteban is a dedicated educator, inspiring the next generation of visual storytellers as a professor at the School of Visual Arts in New York. His artistic prowess extends to his partnership with YellowKorner, where his work is celebrated and exhibited globally in +120 galleries.

As a B&H Speaker, Esteban shares his insights and experiences with eager audiences, while his work as a photographer for Doctors Without Borders captures the resilience and humanity amidst adversity.

Esteban’s achievements include being named the national winner of the Sony World Photography Awards in 2021 and receiving the honor of being named an Honorable Alien of Extraordinary Abilities by the U.S. government.

His impact is further exemplified by his solo exhibition, ‘Spirits of the Earth,’ showcased at the prestigious photography festival Xposure in the Emirates in 2024. This exhibition, which explores the interconnectedness of humanity and nature, captivated audiences with its depth and beauty.

As the author of two photography books, ‘Memorial (2016)’ and ‘The Art of Light (2023),’ Esteban invites readers to dive into his world of imagery, where each page tells a story of its own.

Featured in Forbes Magazine and recognized globally for his groundbreaking documentary series ‘Aperture: A World of Stories’ produced for Sony, The New York Times, and the World Photography Organization, Esteban Toro continues to push the boundaries of visual storytelling and redefine the possibilities of art in the digital age.

Eran Stern

Adobe Certified Instructor, Subject Matter Expert and A.I. Collaborator. Eran Stern is renowned for his expertise in assisting designers to refine their skills in VFX and motion graphics. He has developed several online courses for LinkedIn Learning and actively shares his expertise through weekly updates on YouTube. Straddling the line between geekiness and coolness, Eran continues to inspire and educate in the dynamic world of design.

Luisa Winters

Luisa Winters is a Subject matter expert, instructor, and consultant for Adobe products. She consults for Broadcast, advertising, and government organizations and works at several different training centers all over the United States and abroad. A well-known artist, Luisa often speaks at different conferences on topics ranging from video editing to compositing and web.

Luisa has been involved with video production and cinematography for over 30 years.

Seth C Polansky

Seth Polansky has over 20 years of experience in intellectual property, corporate, and contract law. On the corporate side, Seth’s extensive background includes advising a range of businesses from startups to large government contractors. He has negotiated successful outcomes with domestic and international entities, including the US government, the UK government, and multiple state agencies. Seth also has significant experience in the arts and entertainment fields, advising illustrators, filmmakers, production companies, authors, and artists of all types. He regularly counsels small businesses and artists in securing copyrights, trademarks, and intellectual property rights – and regularly aids in the negotiation of contracts of all types. In addition to his firm, Seth (along with his wife) produces independent documentary films – most recently the fantasy art documentary “Eye of the Beholder: The Art of Dungeons and Dragons“, and the upcoming “Igniting the Spark, the Story of Magic: The Gathering”.

Jeff Greenberg

Jeff I. Greenberg has over two decades of experience as a Post-Production consultant and Master Instructor (trainer for other trainers) for Adobe, Apple, Avid and Black Magic Designs, specializing in the areas of editorial, workflow, compositing, sound, color grading and compression.

He’s the Owner of J Greenberg Consulting and for a decade was the Principal Instructor for Future Media Concepts. Find me here as well.

Consistently voted as one of the top seminar speakers/interviewers, audience’s feedback includes depth of subjects covered, approachability and student-centered teaching that helps keep them up to date on industry standards. Jeff teaches seminars at events such as NAB, IBC, CES and Inter BEE. He's the chair for the Editors Retreat, an annually held exclusive getaway for editors.

Jeff is a published author of several books on the subject of editing and post-production. He recently finished a book on Adobe Premiere Pro Studio Techniques (Adobe Press.) Jeff writes for various blogs and creates training materials for

He's happy to talk to you about consulting and helping you find solutions for your training needs.

Gary Adcock

Few exemplify the changing technological landscape in digital cinema more than Gary Adcock. With a unique understanding of on-set technologies and their relationships in post-production has allowed him to act as a guide in the evolving relationship between acquisition, edit, and delivery. Gary is one of the co-authors and tech editor for the original version of the Data Handling Procedures and Best Practices guide used by IATSE Local 600 (Cinematographer’s Guild).

Gary has been a speaker on cinematography and the related technologies at events around the world, and has presented on various topics at the National Association of Broadcasters Las Vegas convention continuously since 1999, as well as presenting on a diverse array of subjects at NAB Shanghai, IBC Show, Interbee and Broadcast India. His knowledge and capabilities keep him in demand as both a consultant and technical writer for a wide array of manufacturers and publications. You can follow Gary on Twitter and Instagram as @garyadcock or read his blog at

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